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belonging to their armies, having ciussed the K^;'.*a l/egan
to plunder the territory belonging to Rajabhuvuru, .i^J
so ue oi* his subjects, aud carried away others as pris
Tlie people ui ikese regions b^guii to migrate to the villages,
towns, loits and cities all over Kurniitaka.

liajabhuvara tlius commanded his officers and the
4:11113 ; " 10,000 horse, 20,0 0 luot with all taeir equipment
(should take their place) outside the Jinng,;bSz3ar ".*
Turning to his cuzlrs>j he said, ;' Porft yourselves with your
respective contingents and the impieuiets o: war outside the
frontier.'* Then the ii< numerable vuzlrs oi" the Ksatriya castej
halted outside Rak§a?ataiigadi, with all their troops.

A description of the war material; —

Machine?  Gluts ?;§ : —

Big size            „.        8,000

Medium size    ...        4,000

Small size        ...        1>Q0G

Thus the machine-bearers stood all arottnd the army
which contained innumerable swivel-musqueteers, bomb-makers
aud foot-soldiers. The varieties of la$as (arrows or bombs): —

,Tack) bullocks, 4.00,000 in i»nmber laden with the four
kinds of latins, viz,, Dlatmrbaaas (arrows), RnmalSyas, Kum&ra-
f/**i$as and Caadlbanas came arid halted. In the same manor,
gun-powder and shots of a fine variety were caased to be
brought, and were distributed f»mong all (the suldier&).$

Having thus equipped his troops with war material, the
Narapati posted them to their respective places whert< they bad

* " For the protection of the grain bazaar ". — /.
•f '* and chiefs he commaa-ied them to raars^ froji taat  ground  Jkni  to  0aca.ap
•with his *nny near RacharlaiigatlA ".— Ibid.
\ A few meaningle-s epithets qualifying tie Kfatriya vz&rt «je left ottt.
§ Machines (guns?) are not mentioned  ia /.tf. J*! ; but cajri«,ge» 5r€OO
are fomxd In their place.
$ The pacs&ge in the original i* very corrupt.    Oaly thft gist i» CXT»A*